4 Elements Vol.2 Stoned in October

Nach der erfolgreichen erste Runde starten wir in die zweite Runde. 4 Elements Vol.2. Wieder haben wir alte bekannte dazu gewinnen können und auch neue Bands am Start. Das Ganze wird dann wieder mit einer Aftershowparty abgerundet. Lasst uns alle Elemente ausschöpfen und bis zum bitteren Ende rocken.

Karten bekommt ihr im Vorverkauf für nur 9 € / Abendkasse 12 €.

Kavrila - German four piece founded in the beginning of 2016. Natural and visceral darkness meets dangerous landscapes of human and musical abysses. A collage of the heavy and the dark places of sonic language.

Since 2014 Betastone is bringing you vast walls of sound. Stoner Rock not too classic with diverse influences like noise, alternative, doom and metal and a good pinch of blues. Betastone emphasise on loud sweaty performaces, the punch in the gut after which you go out the venue smiling. The metapher heavy lyric's brute and grooving delivery always created sticking memories.

This three-piece Stoner Rock outfit from Bamberg, Germany has been plowing through weed fields all over Europe for many years now. Just in time for the release of their new album they intend to return and do what they do best! Lust for playing live in extasy is what TRECKER stands for.

The band Swell is from Bremen and was formed in October, 2018. Swell blends different styles of music like Blues, Heavy Rock, Psychodelic and Stoner Rock to leave space for creativity and new song ideas without following a specific genre. Even though they are not wandering on a single path of music they feel deeply related to Stoner Rock and its roots.


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