BADA // Nordra // Common Eider, King Eider live at Privatclub

Beyond Booking & Swamp Booking proudly present – a night full of soundscapes and piercing riffs.

BADA – a black noise/psych rock Swedish collective from Gothenburg devoted to free improvisation and loud contaminations.
BADA is the sinister creature of Anna von Hausswolff, Hannes Nilsson, David Sabel, Filip Neyman and Gianluca Grasselli.
The sounds of BADA come from various and oppugnant directions: drone landscapes, pipe organs dissonances, tribal rhythms, obscure sliding guitars and deep distorted bass. It is from these diverse sources that the process of creativity keeps persistently mutating. An act which reunites the essential bond between music and physical worlds.
BADA will present the new album on this extensive 2020 tour.


Pinprick guitar lines, swaths of ethereal brass, sub-bass thuds, the clatter of distorted percussion, fever dream lullaby melodies—it can be difficult to discern what sounds we’re hearing over the course of Nordra’s eponymous debut given the strange and unorthodox context of their combination. Monika Khot’s (also bass player/synth for the band Daughters) conceptual approach becomes abundantly clear in the live performances, where deftly crafted on-the-fly MPC beats serve as the static foundation to her dynamic compositions constructed out of guitar, pocket trumpet, analog synth, handmade electronics, and vocals. Khot is a musical mastermind, able to navigate multiple stylistic and tonal shifts while nimbly switching between wildly divergent instruments over the course of a single song, all while maintaining a singular and cohesive vision.


Common Eider, King Eider is a musical and ritual collective created as a vehicle to explore the intersectional possibilities between creativity, spirituality, magick, and political action. Over the past 13 years, CEKE have released 13 albums on such labels as Cyclic Law (DE), Cold Spring (UK), Sentient Ruin (US), Black Horizons (US), and Consouling Sound (BE). Elements of musique concrète, field recordings, modern composition, black metal, and improvisation create soundscapes of both beauty and terror, sadness and hope. Voice, viola, antler, dirt, and bone channel energies and voices speaking to both the sorrow of environmental destruction and the negative imposed psychic frameworks placed on the body, but also of beauty, hope, and of finding the narrow moonlit path winding into the center of the darkest woods. There strength lies, solace is found, and rage is unleashed.


Beginn: 20:00


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