CampusKino: The Hate U Give [OV]

Schwarze Nachbarschaft, weiße Privatschule. Starr wechselt ständig zwischen zwei sehr unterschiedlichen Leben. Das funktionierte auch gut, bis zu einem ernsthaften Zwischenfall. Ein emotionaler Film über Rassismus, Polizeigewalt und den Kampf für Rechte in einer rassistischen Gesellschaft.

Black neighborhood, white private school. Starr is constantly switching between two very different lives. This worked out fine, until a severe incident happened. An emotional movie about Racism and police violence and the fight for rights in a racist society.


Where: HS2010 ("Keksdose" on the Uni Boulevard)

Entry 6:30 pm, starts 7:00 pm

There will also be snacks and drinks for you to purchase!

Drama // 132 Min. // »The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody« (Tupac Shakur)
Two decades after 2Pac’s death, his message was worked into Angie Thomas novel about the black teenager Starr experiencing inequalities firsthand, being a captive between the opposing worlds of her home, a predominantly black, lower-income neighbourhood and the mostly white private school she attends. Starr is code switching between these environments and finds it easier to adapt and to ignore the present racism. But she is forced to grow out of the ignorance, as Sternberg’s incandescent performance grows in ferocity and feeling in each scene.
A bracingly optimistic family film grounded in the grim reality, The Hate U Give adds a new dimension to the recent list of portrayals of black lives on the big screen


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