Crystal Ball - Abgesagt!


Crystal Ball is one of Switzerland's leading Hardrock bands!

The Swiss melodic metal band CRYSTAL BALL released their new album „Crystallizer“ at Massacre Records on 27 april 2018! Order your album now! Make sure to get your own brand new limited Digipack-CD with 2 exclusive bonus tracks. With the critical acclaims for the last album «Déjà-Voodoo» (Massacre Records) still going on, the bustling Swiss melodic rocker strike again. Already with the opening titel track „Crystallizer“ they show impressive why this band belongs to the upper class of melodic metal! The new CRYSTAL BALL opus has again been produced, mixed and mastered by Stefan Kaufmann (ex-Accept, ex-U.D.O). Kaufmann is meanwhile seen as the band’s familiar sixth (studio-)member of this powerful live band. Their attitude towards a current difficult music market – with consequently ignoring short-lived trends – makes these energetic rockers even more likeable. CRYSTAL BALL about the new album: „Crystallizer“ radiates a full load of melodic Hardrock/Metal! Thrashing deep beats combined with exciting melodic hook lines crystallize into cathy riffs, melodies and lyrics. And CRYSTAL BALL put their typical stamp on every one of these songs! SEE YOU ON TOUR, CRYSTALHEADS!


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