Double Headliner Tour T & Crystal Palace


Europe's renowned live veterans and the enigmatic sound nerd: There s not many double features that could have a wider span. Whereas t is being celebrated for his melancholic sound design perfectionisms („Prog Rock Icon“ (, „the best movie you ll hear this year (Rolling Stone) etc.) and called „one of the most important musicians of the decade“ by Eclipsed Magazine, CRYSTAL PALACE can look back on successful European tours and international chart hits.


CRYSTAL PALACE come from Berlin, but actually probably never at home. Uncountable events have cast a reputation of a primal force in complex melodic rock upon those 4 exceptional musicians – all over Europe. Collaborations with Porcupine Tree or RPWL speak a clear language: CRYSTAL PALACE are sought-for musicians, and their Top20 hits only explicate this in numbers. In 2019, they tour Europe to perform their hit album „Scattered Shards“, with a focus on their English fans who have proven extremely enthusiastic about them. On their gigs, Yenz, Frank, Tom and Nils are up to all kind of nonsense – and never content before even the last shirt is wet with sweat. That's what they do: CRYSTAL PALACE ROCKS.
Over many years, the quartet have gathered an impressive following who know that you can always count on them. This year, Crystal Palace have refined their live sound yet for their European tour.


Thomas Thielen, short: t, might be the least known top star of the music business. The „mastermind of avantgarde pop“ (musikexpress) „is one of the most important musicians and writer of the decade“. After 8 studio albums, he s coming live for the first time ever. The cult festival „Night of the Prog Loreley“ contacted t as early as they heard it, first gig to be confirmed – together with IQ whose GEP label had just signed t.
Thielen has always been a one man show: Everything was crafted by his hands (and brains). His music is highly complex, a bit like mindcraft buildings that combine to widescreen holographs of sound with more details than you could ever hope to detect soon enough. His elegic voice seems to call out to space now – but then he turns up the volume and you feel as if Phil Spector had produced early Metallica. Live, the renowned perfectionist has gathered a band that knows what it is doing: Only the best was good enough, and those who know t also know: there s no t in compromise.


Two top acts of ArtRock for the price of one: Both artists will perform their full set. Here there be no bore: T has promised to design a set that leads back through his 22 years career. His set, says t, will be extremely intense and atmospheric, intriguing and world-cancelling like a good book can be. This will be an experience not to be missed for people who love Bjork, Radiohead or Sigur Ros. Crystal Palace then will get the room loud and sweaty, pulsating and partying. Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Muse: That s what people refer to when describing the band. And in the end, the art rock world will have “revolved around itself once” (


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