Guateque TRASH (Pablo Electrocute & DJ Costalero)

PABLO ELECTROCUTE is back in the city with a bag full of vinyl pandemonium!

You can pretty much expect a wacky selection of monophonic wonders, result of years of deep digging in 100 pesetas crates in flea markets from here and there. You'll be delighted to the sound of the nuggets that conform the musical DNA of "the bull's hide", Galician bizarrism, hot rhythms from the southern hemisphere and other enticing tunes that'll lead you to break loose in the heat of exhilarating clapping, caustic and sexy synthesizers, pounding drumming and gibberish chants.

Be there with your most comfortable blue suede shoes 'cause this is about shaking your leg the best you can!

Wir sehen uns Samstag Abend!


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