Matt Wilde (Young Rebel Set) | upStage! Festival 2019

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Lineup: Neonschwarz * Bodzin Nacht * Gurr * Berlin Boom Orchestra * Razz * Matt Wilde (Young Rebel Set) * Micah Erenberg * ÄTNA * Charlotte Brandi * Swain * Ed Prosek * Smile and Burn * Naked Cameo * Reis Against The Spülmachine * AWA * Bloodhype * Paloma & The Matches * Wezn * Someday Jacob * Indie Army Now * HUSCH HUSCH * tba.

When YOUNG REBEL SET hit the deck for the last time, lead singer and songwriter MATT WILDE stepped out of the glorious wreckage, went back home and locked the door. Several months on, his self-imposed exile finally over, Matt emerged with freshly-strung guitar, a strong pair of boots and a bagful of new songs: tales of adversity and loss, of love and desire, of triumphs and setbacks along the road to simply getting by in a world constantly shifting underfoot. Heartbreakingly honest with hooks that can pierce the soul, whether stripped to the dry bone or backed by Patrick Jordan's production, Matt's distinctive voice and delivery give each song a character all of its own, intimate as a whisper, big as the towering skies.


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