Onstage Dating

Onstage Dating is an exciting interactive dating experiment, during which Bron Batten goes on first dates with audience volunteers- live onstage!

It’s an award-winning contemporary performance work, which pushes the boundaries of audience participation to the extreme, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats as they watch potential true love bloom- or awkwardly crash and burn…

Onstage Dating uses American Psychologist Arthur Aron’s famous 36 Questions as a structure. 36 questions is a psychology study which proposes that there are a series of specific questions a couple can answer together which accelerate the ‘falling-in-love’ process.

As Bron and her volunteer date answer increasingly intimate questions from this scientific study, they complete a series of rituals associated with modern courtship- having wine and cheese, playing a game of Twister before eventually ending up in bed together, completing the date with poignant, awkward and hilarious results.

Onstage Dating is an extremely timely piece, given that online dating as the most common way people seek out and meet their significant others in the twenty-first century.
Therefore the themes of the work are universal and instantly relatable. The search for connection, understanding, acceptance and love from another person is an intrinsic part of the human condition and one that has resonated strongly with sold-out audiences across the world.



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