Sendesaal,Bremen(DE) / Veronika Harcsa - Balint Gyemant Quartet

Veronika Harcsa - vocal
Bálint Gyémánt - guitar
Nicolas Thys - bass
Antoine Pierre - drums

NowJazz Storytellers with an Ethereal Voice. Hungary's renowned voice guitar duo and the top-notch Belgian rhythm section create something genuinely Pan-European. A colorful
world of storytelling melodies, the heritage of Eastern-European
rhythmical sense and contemporary jazz dynamics are brought to life through Veronika's mesmerizing voice and the three instrumentalists virtuosic playing. The group shares heartfelt stories with the audience about being young and European today, trying to nd love and harmony in a world of drumming cities, cheap airlines, social media, and growing expectations. Veronika and Bálint have been working together since they were classmates at the Academy of Music in Budapest. The duo has developed a unique fullness of sound, making the listener forget, that there are only two musicians on stage. Now for the first time, the duo adds even more substance to their power by
inviting drummer Antoine Pierre and bassist Nicolas Thys, the two creative virtuosi Veronika met during her studies at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels.

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