Turning 40 in Las Vegas!!!

So next year I turn 40 (November 13, 2020) and I want to do something fun. And what’s a better place then sin city!!

So I’m inviting everyone that wants to come to Vegas with me. More details will be provided sooner then later. All I’m asking is one night we start out at the same place. The rest of the time is up to you. However I’d like to go to a NHL game there, maybe do some other fun stuff too. Everyone is more then welcome to join along with. I’ll be kid free and it will be lots of fun!! Who doesn’t have fun in Las Vegas!!!

So come join up now we have a year to save and plan.

Swoop is offering flights to Vegas now that WestJet stop.

More details on the actual dates once we can book something. But between the 9-15.

Feel free to invite anyone you like also.


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